Saltillo provides practical and clinically sound product training and AAC implementation classes. These classes help you gain understanding of our products and provide implementation tips and strategies to help communication partners support AAC learners. Most classes are taught by Saltillo consultants, but we also host guest presenters throughout the year to share their knowledge. ASHA credit is offered unless otherwise noted.

Product Classes

Master the technology with classes that teach the ins and outs of operating and programming the software. Understand and gain proficiency with Saltillo's Chat software and companion software, ChatEditor™. Choose a class that meets your current level of experience and conveniently fits into your schedule.

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Implementation Classes

Support and teach individuals who use AAC with implementation courses from Saltillo. Learn how to better use and integrate communication devices in school or at home. Ideal for professionals and parents alike, our classes cover a variety of topics to meet your needs and interests. Classes are available live online or in person.

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Host a Class

Host one of our classes at your location.


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Recorded Webinars

Watch a previously recorded webinar taught by one of our consultants at your leisure.  


Recorded Webinars

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Video Tutorials

Here you will find short video clips broken down into specific categories, such as Customizing Vocabulary, Transferring Files, Chat Editor, Realize Language, etc.


Chat Software Video Tutorials

Communication Journey: Aphasia Videos

ChatPC Video Tutorials


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